Ordinary Time


To be taught any subject requires openness.

Openness to new things. To not being an expert. To change.

Today God brings a word worth your openness.


I haven’t set my feet on any evil path so I can make sure to keep your word. I haven’t deviated from any of your rules because you are the one who has taught me.

Psalm 119:101-102


Sometimes the teacher stays with us more than the subject.

I'll always remember my third grade teacher and the way she comforted me when I was upset about my grandmother being sick. But I don't remember specifically what I learned in third grade.

I can't remember all the finer points of AP World History in high school, but I do remember feeling encouraged by my teacher when I shared my anxiety about college.

With God, the idea that the teacher's presence can be more important than the lessons is even more true. God's instructions should help us become better, kinder people – but getting better is not, ultimately, the point. Being a Christian is not about meeting certain standards or getting it right. It is about coming to know God, our friend, our maker, and our great love.

Megan McDermott


God, I offer thanks today for all teachers from every part of my life, especially those who have taught me about you. I thank you for all the ways that you have taught me. Make me a better student. Amen.


Understanding God's instructions can be complicated. Do not be so overwhelmed that you cannot act.

Love of God and others — these are the heart of God's instructions.

Follow love today.