To be taught any subject requires openness.

Openness to new things. To not being an expert. To change.

Today God brings a word worth your openness.

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Your word is so pleasing to my taste buds— it’s sweeter than honey in my mouth!

Psalm 119:103

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When we think about God's instructions, we might think about commandments in our Bible or words we hear spoken from a pulpit on a Sunday. This verse reminds us that God's word is not limited to one or two senses. It is abundant and overflowing. It is tied in with all our bodily experiences. “It's sweeter than honey in my mouth!”

At my school, we have chapel every day at 10:30 a.m. Students come from a variety of  traditions and worship God in a multitude of ways, which is reflected in the ways the chapel organizes its services. Making space for many different styles of worship helps many of us catch fresh glimpses of God.

Have you considered trying something new in your spiritual life? Pray lying on the floor. Wander through a labyrinth. Sing a worship song with your arms raised. Dance around your room. Know God in all the ways God sees fit to reach you, in all of your senses!

Megan McDermott

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God, I want to feel joy like the psalmist. Let your word be sweet to me today and everyday. Amen.

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Understanding God's instructions can be complicated. Do not be so overwhelmed that you cannot act.

Love of God and others — these are the heart of God's instructions.

Follow love today.

Megan McDermott

Megan McDermott is a second-year master's student at Yale Divinity School, where she is preparing for ministry in the Episcopal Church. In 2014, she graduated from Susquehanna University with a degree in Creative Writing and Religious Studies. Pennsylvania is her home state.

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