Jesus says to us, “Come to me, all you who are struggling hard and carrying heavy loads and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

What are you carrying that you need to unload?

Imagine that you are holding it in your hands. In your mind, place what you are holding into the strong, scarred hands of Jesus.

Trust that he loves you and wants to carry it for you.

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After leaving the synagogue, Jesus, James, and John went home with Simon and Andrew. Simon’s mother-in-law was in bed, sick with a fever, and they told Jesus about her at once. He went to her, took her by the hand, and raised her up. The fever left her, and she served them.

Mark 1:29-31

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Mark’s gospel, believed to have been the first of the four gospels written, begins with “The beginning of the good news about Jesus Christ, God’s Son…” From that point on Mark goes on to tell in rapid succession about the life of Jesus and how he lived out the good news as he restored people physically, spiritually, and socially.

In today’s verses Simon’s relative was sick in bed. Verse 30 says, “they told Jesus about her at once.” We all know people who are struggling. The pandemic has made so many in our communities sick and struggling – physically, emotionally, and economically. In our prayers, we can tell Jesus about them. Certainly, God already knows about their needs, but we are called to intercede on their behalf, asking for God’s healing presence to comfort them and restore them.

James 5:16 says, “The prayer of the righteous person is powerful in what it can achieve.” Go ahead, tell Jesus about those who need restoration, and let loose the good news!

Stella Perrin

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Thank you, Lord, for inviting me to be part of your restorative process as I bring people to you through prayer. Intervene in the lives of those who are sick, grieving, and lonely, and may the power of your sustaining love bring them your peace that passes all understanding. Amen.

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Go, believing in the power of the good news to restore, heal, forgive, and bring peace.

Jesus says: “I have said these things so that you will have peace in me. In the world you have distress. But be encouraged! I have conquered the world.” (John 16:33)

Stella Perrin

Stella Lail Perrin is a minister, wife, and mother of three who currently works as a counselor at Caldwell Community College in Hudson, NC.

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