Ordinary Time


There is nothing that you, with God’s help, cannot do.

The things you cannot do alone, you were never intended to.

Just know…

That whatever challenge faces you,

God will be there to help you through.


If I preach the gospel, I have no reason to brag, since I’m obligated to do it. I’m in trouble if I don’t preach the gospel. If I do this voluntarily, I get rewarded for it. But if I’m forced to do it, then I’ve been charged with a responsibility. What reward do I get? That when I preach, I offer the good news free of charge. That’s why I don’t use the rights to which I’m entitled through the gospel.

1 Corinthians 9:16-18


Young children’s birthday parties can be quite amusing, especially when you come to the time to open gifts. The gift-givers clamor to have the birthday person open their presents first. The more they like what’s underneath the wrapping for themselves, the more excited they are to have the contents revealed. There is a satisfaction they get from having their gifts opened that becomes its own reward.

Sometimes the gift is in the giving. Paul received a gift that had the power to change lives and give eternal life. It had changed his. He not only had the desire to share the gospel message with others, but having received it himself, considered it his responsibility to do. Paul refused the pay he could have received but found his reward in being able to “offer this good news free of charge.” With the same eagerness of Paul and the children waiting to see their gifts opened, we too should share the Good News of Jesus Christ. It is both a gift to do so and its own reward.

Kathy Culmer


Help me, O God, to be enthusiastic and generous in sharing your love and goodness with others. May I continuously regard it as a privilege and not a burden to tell others about you and find my own reward in “sharing the good news free of charge.” Amen.


When we trust God, we do not have to face life’s challenges alone.

It is through our weakness, the things we cannot do on our own,

That God’s strength is made known.