Ordinary Time


There beneath the willow tree
I learned a lot about the way of things
I learned that everything (the wind, the leaves) has breath inside …

I know
I know this
There is beauty in the way of things

from “There Beneath” by The Oh Hellos (2015)


“Consider then the parable of the farmer. Whenever people hear the word about the kingdom and don’t understand it, the evil one comes and carries off what was planted in their hearts. This is the seed that was sown on the path.”

Matthew 13:18-19


The Bible makes many references to an “evil one.” We often personify this as a devil character, red and wielding a pitchfork. Step back for a second, and imagine: what if the “evil one” referenced isn’t a devil, but rather all the things that get in the way of cultivating our relationship with God, everything that prevents that relationship from taking root.

That could be our own tendency to stick God in a box. If we categorize God in the way we categorize our lives, we miss out on the rich and abundant life God wants with us. God is in all things and wants us to discover that so our lives will be fuller.

When we do finally understand that God is in all, we can walk throughout life in step with God. Talking to God becomes natural, more thoughtful, and enduring. Feeling God’s presence – communion with God – becomes the regular. We grow in the light of God because we experience God in new, whole ways.

Sarah Briggs Amoth


God, be in my heart so I can see you in every place I go. Be in my heart so I can see you in every face I meet. Let me radiate your love to all people. Amen.


I pray light will
Leak from our pockets
We’ll be drenched, overcome
At night the fireflies
Streamers at our sides
Silent flaming arcs of hope

All things will change
We wait for the rain
And the promise remains

from “Jacaranda Tree” by Josh Garrels (2008)