Back to School


The halls at school are a study of opposites.

They are either filled with people walking, running, talking, bumping along — a sea of humanity with differing currents.

Or they are eerily empty and quiet.

Notice how your life reflects this same dichotomy of hustle and hush.

And notice where you encounter God in both.


Praise the LORD! Those who honor the LORD, who adore God’s commandments, are truly happy! Their descendants will be strong throughout the land. The offspring of those who do right will be blessed; wealth and riches will be in their houses. Their righteousness stands forever. They shine in the dark for others who do right. They are merciful, compassionate, and righteous. Those who lend generously are good people— as are those who conduct their affairs with justice. Yes, these sorts of people will never be shaken; the righteous will be remembered forever!

Psalm 112:1-6


Yeesh, Psalm 112… isn’t it enough to be obedient? Do I really have to adore God’s commandments?

To be truly happy, yes. Following commandments begrudgingly is a pretty miserable experience.

Maybe you have a dog, and it’s your job to walk her, and there are ten other things you’d rather be doing. Chances are your walk will become a chore. It will be less than lovely for both you and your sweet dog. But what if instead you look forward to walking your dog as your time to get outside, decompress, and enjoy your dog’s affection? Well then, it’s the highlight of your day! The dog hasn’t changed, and the need to walk the dog hasn’t changed — only your perception of the task at hand has changed. And it has made all the difference.

So yes, adore God’s commandments! Appreciate them for the loving, protective, life-giving opportunities they are. And you will be truly happy.

Lauren Holder


God of wisdom, help me to love your law. Refresh my soul with a new perspective so that I may appreciate your presence in all things. Amen.


Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord?
I have heard you calling in the night.
I will go Lord, if you lead me.
I will hold your people in my heart.

Dan Schutte in “Here I am Lord” (1995)