Here we are. It's February, and Christmas is not far behind. In one of my favorite songs of that season, we sing, "Do you hear what I hear? A song, a song, high above the trees, with a voice as big as the sea. With a voice as big as the sea.”

Have you ever thought of the sea having a voice?

Do you think of songs you cannot actually hear, but which speak to you?

Are we missing some of the music that might actually sing in our hearts, if we were open to the song?

Let us tune our ears and hearts to the Holy in this moment.

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Although I’m free from all people, I make myself a slave to all people, to recruit more of them. I act like a Jew to the Jews, so I can recruit Jews. I act like I’m under the Law to those under the Law, so I can recruit those who are under the Law (though I myself am not under the Law). I act like I’m outside the Law to those who are outside the Law, so I can recruit those outside the Law (though I’m not outside the law of God but rather under the law of Christ). I act weak to the weak, so I can recruit the weak. I have become all things to all people, so I could save some by all possible means. All the things I do are for the sake of the gospel, so I can be a partner with it.

1 Corinthians 9:19-23

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Notice the subtlety in this message. Becoming “like” or one with various populations, Paul is emulating Christ — Emmanuel, God with us — who is for and with all people.

Sometimes it is hard to see God in other people. They act meanly, they are inconsiderate, they are greedy. As are we, sometimes. It depends on when someone sees us, I guess. Perhaps it depends on what we see, as well.

When we realize that Christ is in us, even though we are sometimes unbearable to others, our hearts are opened to all of God’s people. We might be willing to serve and love them for the sake of the gospel. May God give us the eyes to see.

Barbara Gray

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"May I be at peace.
May I see the beauty in my own true nature.
May my heart remain open.
May I be healed."

from The Metta Prayer

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Perhaps, with God’s help, we may choose which voices are stronger in our world. Haven’t you heard? Haven’t you heard the good news of God?

Listen to the trees, the geese flying overhead, the quiet sun slipping behind the hill. So much music in the quietest places in our world.

Go. Open your heart to the music of that silence. Let in the music that many never hear. Choose to listen only for the voices that feed your soul.

And you will be new music to others; and you will hear others in new ways. It’s the good news we all are waiting to hear.

Barbara Gray

Barbara Wood Gray is a Spiritual Director ( based in Tucson, AZ. She is married with a gaggle of children, their spouses, grandchildren and great grands. Her continuing delight is in her extended family, and in feeding and watching the birds on her patio.

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