Ordinary Time



In loneliness, sickness, poverty, hunger, or neglect, they suffer quietly.

Outsiders sit alone eating their lunch. They stay at home, not invited.

But they have not been forgotten by God.


The works of the Lord are magnificent; they are treasured by all who desire them. God’s deeds are majestic and glorious. God’s righteousness stands forever. God is famous for his wondrous works. The Lord is full of mercy and compassion.

Psalm 111:2-4


Although the Jews lived near nations that worshiped idols, they were reminded to worship only God. They were to remember the promise of full deliverance through the Messiah, who was yet to come. The Psalms helped them to know God better and to worship God earnestly.

This Psalm reminds us that God is famous for healing and wondrous works. The Lord’s righteousness stands forever.

The wondrous works of God, full of mercy and compassion, abound. Visit a children’s hospital and you will know. Brave little warriors don hospital attire and maneuver through hallways in wheelchairs and red wagons. They are outsiders to a normal childhood.

A five-year-old in camouflage scrubs vigorously rings the bell that signals his chemotherapy is over. His parents stand by and weep. Someone starts to sing. Others join, harmonizing, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow…” Hearts soar. Healing is in the hands of a magnificent God.

Worship God alone! Come to him with child-like faith. Expect healing and help from the magnificent one!

James R. Smith


God, I thank you and praise you for all of your gifts. You bring me through difficult times. You help me in circumstances I would not choose. You send blessings when I don’t deserve blessings. You are awesome. I bring you love and praise. Amen.


Jesus heals that which is broken and makes it stronger in the broken places.

In a fast-paced, diverse society, outsiders are all around.

Your word, your warmth, your walk, your friendliness can build a bridge of healing today.