Ordinary Time


God’s standards are pretty high.

Each day presents a new choice – to follow the path of God or carve out your own.

Which will you choose?


When you harvest your land’s produce, you must not harvest all the way to the edge of your field; and don’t gather up every remaining bit of your harvest. Also do not pick your vineyard clean or gather up all the grapes that have fallen there. Leave these items for the poor and the immigrant; I am the Lord your God. You must not steal nor deceive nor lie to each other. You must not swear falsely by my name, desecrating your God’s name in doing so; I am the Lord. You must not oppress your neighbors or rob them. Do not withhold a hired laborer’s pay overnight. You must not insult a deaf person or put some obstacle in front of a blind person that would cause them to trip. Instead, fear your God; I am the Lord.

Leviticus 19:9-14


A lot of what we call being a Christian is not about what we do; it’s about what we don’t do. Rather than cause extra work for the Israelites, God commands them to stop harvesting and leave the rest for the immigrants and poor to pick from and eat. Not only did it save them time and energy, it pleased God.

Likewise, what we don’t do shows our faithfulness. We don’t steal or cheat on tests. We don’t swear on God’s name. We don’t stand in the way of someone seeking justice. Certainly we don’t tease or bully people with physical or mental disabilities. By spending so much time not deceiving and hurting others, when we do have to act, people are more likely to listen.

Stacie Whalen


Merciful God, thank you for creating a world where not only my action but also my inaction will please you. I want to be faithful, honest, and kind to others. When I must speak out against injustice, let others hear me because of my love for you. Amen.


Go recognizing God’s image in yourself and others.

Stand up for what is right; live your life in a way pleasing to God.

Be kind to everyone and let your actions speak louder than your words.