The shadows are gathering and you are called to come away. Come away to think, to pray, to rest – and to prepare.

There are many things – right now – pulling at your mind and heart. But commit yourself to this time, these moments; God is here as always, your companion along the journey of faith, to help you focus on what awaits you now.

Open your mind and heart to Word and Spirit and Truth. Allow love to move you and to change you, even in small ways that will call you forward.

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After he said these things, Jesus was deeply disturbed and testified, “I assure you, one of you will betray me.”

His disciples looked at each other, confused about which of them he was talking about. One of the disciples, the one whom Jesus loved, was at Jesus’ side. Simon Peter nodded at him to get him to ask Jesus who he was talking about. Leaning back toward Jesus, this disciple asked, “Lord, who is it?”

Jesus answered, “It’s the one to whom I will give this piece of bread once I have dipped into the bowl.” Then he dipped the piece of bread and gave it to Judas, Simon Iscariot’s son.

John 13:21-26

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They just looked at each other.

Of course they did. There was nothing else to do. What could Jesus possibly mean? Here they were, all together as always, sharing a holy meal in the holiest of cities. Surely they could sense that something different, perhaps even dangerous, was going on. There was tension in the air, but… betrayal?

Simon’s stare becomes a knowing glance and a telling shrug of his shoulder to another disciple, a plea really. “Find out what he means by that!”

Jesus’ response about the dipping of bread may have left them both wondering still. But this is the way it is for those who follow Jesus. When Jesus mentions betrayal we cannot help but be nervous and wonder, especially in the midst of what sure feels like a dangerous time, “Could he possibly mean me?”

Nick Foster

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O God, I know that I can depend on you. You are always there, always caring for me. I want to become the kind of person you can depend on as well. Amen.

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Out from the shadows God is calling you.
Even when all seems lost,
Love will not be denied.

Go now to leave the shadows;
Live into the light
Even as you await the dawn.

Nick Foster

Nick Foster is executive director of Voluntary Action Center in Columbia, Missouri where he lives with his wife, Candace, and their daughter, Carlann. Nick's two sons, John Paul and Justin, live too far away in Alabama.

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