In the stillness, in the silence, hope in God.

What do your eyes wait to see?
What does your heart ache to hold?
Where do your feet yearn to walk?

In the stillness, in the silence, hope in God.

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Therefore, stay alert! You don’t know what day the Lord is coming. But you understand that if the head of the house knew at what time the thief would come, he would keep alert and wouldn’t allow the thief to break into his house. Therefore, you also should be prepared, because the Human One will come at a time you don’t know.

Matthew 24:42-44

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You can find it on mugs, bumper stickers, posters, and t-shirts. “Jesus is coming. Look busy!” According to this interpretation of Matthew 24:42, Jesus’ arrival should inspire us to keep up the impression that we’re working and achieving. This implies that we don’t actually have to do anything, as long as it looks like we are.

But we don’t just sit around waiting for Jesus to return and finish the work of restoring all of creation. We join in that work, here and now. As we pay attention to what is happening in our relationships, our communities, and our churches, we see God moving. Every day, we receive opportunities to respond to God’s work. When we say “yes” to these opportunities, we’re saying “Yes, we are people of hope who believe the work of Jesus continues through us.”

Think about your week. Where have you seen God at work? It might have been through a person or place you least expected. How did you respond? Did you step out and say “yes”?

Jennie Barber

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God who sees, look into my heart. Transform my desire to be seen into a desire to see. Help me to see all the ways you are working in my life. May my response be a grateful “yes”! Amen.

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Watch with hope.

See today with God’s vision: catch glimmers of goodness and beauty.

Embrace today with Christ’s compassion: let others know they are deeply loved.

Walk today with the Spirit’s boldness: sing, create, serve, and play.

Jennie Barber

Jennie Barber is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA) who has spent almost two decades serving youth and their families. She recently moved back to her home state of Washington where she, her husband, and their three children have endless adventures exploring one of the most beautiful places in the world.

O Come O Come Emmanuel

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