Ordinary Time



Pause to breathe

to deepen

to dream


See the beauty

Hear God’s voice

Pause and listen



I cry out to you because you answer me. So tilt your ears toward me now— listen to what I’m saying! Manifest your faithful love in amazing ways because you are the one who saves those who take refuge in you, saving them from their attackers by your strong hand.

Psalm 17:6-7


Where our Bible translation says, “manifest your faithful love,” many other Bible translations speak of God's “steadfast love.” The word “steadfast” means dependable, predictable, and trustworthy. A steadfast love is ever present, has deep roots, and stands the test of time. God’s steadfast love always reaches out to those who are the most vulnerable and disempowered in society. It protects them from people who abuse their power and ignore the needs of others. The Psalmist is leaning into this love with a song of confidence that God will hear the call for help and respond with caring and protection.

Have you ever considered that you could be a dependable, predictable, and trustworthy vessel of God’s love? Is it possible that one way God answers prayers for help is to inspire us to care, speak up, join with, and fight for those who are being victimized by injustice? God’s steadfast love is a gift of grace that increases in value each time we share it with people who are in trouble.

Kamal Hassan


God, make me a vessel of your steadfast love.

Guide my words, love, and actions so that they become answered prayers for those who call out to you for help.

I have received your loving kindness; help me to spread it far and wide to those who live in fear.



Walk humbly with your God

On paths not rutted from overuse

Walk toward people not of your kind

Walk with Jesus

And you will never walk alone