Following the Star


This is only the beginning.

God is up to something amazing in you.

Wait for it.


“There will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars. On the earth, there will be dismay among nations in their confusion over the roaring of the sea and surging waves. The planets and other heavenly bodies will be shaken, causing people to faint from fear and foreboding of what is coming upon the world. Then they will see the Human One coming on a cloud with power and great splendor. Now when these things begin to happen, stand up straight and raise your heads, because your redemption is near.”

Luke 21:25-28


Weather forecasts are often right. Preparing like they will be is rarely wrong. Forecasts can help us prepare for what may come.

In the gospel of Luke, Jesus makes a kind of forecast. He predicts that strange things are going to happen on the earth. In the midst of all of the trouble, Jesus predicts something else. He says that people will see the “Human One,” Jesus himself, coming on a cloud with power and glory.

Strange things are happening and will continue to happen in our world. We won’t always know why or when, but we can know one thing for sure: Jesus has come and is sure to come on earth, with an ability and a beauty like no other. When he comes, we can know that our salvation, our redemption, is coming too. We can be prepared this Advent season because that undated forecast is 100% reliable.

Tasha Gibson


God of Glory, thank you for being trustworthy and true. Spirit of the Living God, help me prepare my heart for your coming this Advent season. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, amen.


This is not the end.

God is up to something wonderful in the world.

Watch for it.