Following the Star


In the midst of darkness we wait for you, O God.

You alone are our light and our hope.


Let your hand be with the one on your right side— with the one whom you secured as your own— then we will not turn away from you! Revive us so that we can call on your name. Restore us, Lord God of heavenly forces! Make your face shine so that we can be saved!

Psalm 80:17-19


I can often move through my life in a state of complacency — not quite engaged in what’s going on around me, checked out of my story and God’s story. Sometimes there is no light in me burning brightly. Instead my heart and motivation feel like a small ember about to go out. Am I even alive?

I cannot force myself to come alive. I cannot make myself whole. Only God can do that. The parts of myself that I’m still learning to love and the parts of myself that feel broken and dark need to be filled with God’s true and eternal life.

But how do I get there? I call on God’s name and ask God to revive me. I ask to see God’s face, because that is the true light that can pierce the darkness of our hearts. God’s face shines so brightly that it illuminates the path back to my story and back to God’s story. How do you need to come alive today? Where in your life do you need the light God’s face to shine brightly?

Erendira Jimenez


O God of Hope, sometimes I’m lacking motivation to tune into what you are doing in my life and in the world. I know that only you can make me come alive. I can’t always see your light, but I want to feel it burning in my heart today. Amen.


May God’s face shine upon you.

May God’s hope bring you wholeness.

And may you walk this day towards the light of a small star.