Be still

and feel the song

that God sings in your heart,

a song of praise to our God.

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Give thanks to the Lord because he is good, because his faithful love lasts forever. Let Israel say it: “God’s faithful love lasts forever!”

Open the gates of righteousness for me so I can come in and give thanks to the Lord! This is the Lord’s gate; those who are righteous enter through it.

Psalm 118:1-2, 19-20

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The baseball player Lou Gehrig took the microphone at Yankee Stadium in 1939 to announce his retirement from baseball because of a wasting disease called ALS, now often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease. He was a young major league record holder, but within two years he would become completely paralyzed and then die. Yet what Lou Gehrig said to those Yankee fans was how grateful he was for his life, for baseball, and for his family. Gehrig said: "I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this earth..."

The psalmist is telling us something similar here. Say “thank you” to God! Say thank you because God is faithful and God’s love lasts forever.

Every evening, I sit with God and look back on the day and ask, “What am I most grateful for?” Spend some time pondering this question today.

Jane Hartwell

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God, open my eyes and my heart to gratitude. This is what I'm most grateful for today: (Spend some time telling God what makes you thankful.) Amen.

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Go out and sing the song that God has put in your heart.

Jane Hartwell

Jane Hartwell loves God and teenagers. Right now she has the best job she’s ever had: being the Canon Missioner for Christian Discipleship, Youth and Young Adults in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine. She lives in Portland, Maine with her husband Davis and enjoys walking the beach, seeing her adult sons, mentoring others, and leading retreats.

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