Following the Star


What's in a name?

Jesus' name means “God saves.” That's a powerful message to be reminded of every time you hear the name.

Remember that God saves. Remember that God is with you. Remember that you are never alone.


Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name throughout the earth! You made your glory higher than heaven!

Psalm 8:1


Sometimes it is hard to know that God is with us. We rush from thing to thing: school, sports, friends, homework, chores, etc. Before we know it, we find that everything is just busy and rushed until it all becomes a bit of a blur.

And then we stop. Stopping to take the moment to recognize God with us, and that we are not alone, is an essential practice to the Christian life. Without it, God becomes a stranger, and when we encounter God’s love, beauty, hope, or compassion, we miss out on seeing God.

Today is a new day. We remember that God is not far removed from us, but rather has come to us in human form. We remember that we too share in making God’s name known throughout the earth. How will you listen for God today? How will you make God present to someone today?

Andrew Kellner


God, please grant me the grace to pause and experience you with me today. Please help me to live today in such a way that others see you in me. Amen.


God sends you out in the world to be God’s love for all.