Like spending time with a good friend, let’s get to know Jesus a little more each day.

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Lord, change our circumstances for the better, like dry streams in the desert waste! Let those who plant with tears reap the harvest with joyful shouts. Let those who go out, crying and carrying their seed, come home with joyful shouts, carrying bales of grain!

Psalm 126:4-6

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I used to live in Las Vegas, which is in the Mojave Desert. It was VERY hot and VERY dry. There were very few trees and grass; it was mostly a lot of rocks, sand, cacti, and prickly little bushes.

Every once in a while it would rain — mostly light rain showers that would last just three or four minutes. But a couple times a year we would get such a hard rain that the streets and desert would flood! Water would rush through the streets, and often cars would get stuck. It was so strange to see water in the desert!

I imagine that God is ready to pour blessings and good things into our lives, like hard rain in the desert. Just when we think all hope is lost, we might be surprised to see that God is near to us and at work in abundant ways!

Erin Spengeman Hutchison

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God, please be near to me and surprise me beyond my wildest imagination! Please turn my tears into shouts of joy. Flood me with your blessings — I’m ready! Amen.

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Know that Christ is alongside you, arm in arm like a good friend.

Christ is behind you, helping you.

Christ is ahead of you, showing you the way.

Christ is below you, carrying your worry.

Christ is above you, illuminating your path.

Christ is within you, for you are his home.

Erin Spengeman Hutchison

Rev. Erin Spengeman Hutchison is a Baptist pastor and has worked with youth for nearly 20 years. She loves to preach, laugh, and listen to Bruce Springsteen. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and has a super cool husband, two awesome kids, and a crazy dog named Cricket.

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