This Advent,

Let us remember: The Lord will continue to do great things for us.

Let us testify to the Light that is God.

Let us hold on to what is good, even when nothing around us makes any sense.

Let us cultivate joy.

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When the Lord changed Zion’s circumstances for the better, it was like we had been dreaming. Our mouths were suddenly filled with laughter; our tongues were filled with joyful shouts. It was even said, at that time, among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them!” Yes, the Lord has done great things for us, and we are overjoyed.

Psalm 126:1-3

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When we think back on this year, we might wonder if anything went the way we thought it would go… When you think about the disruptions and disappointments of 2020, what comes to mind for you? You might remember moments of despair, anxiety, even fear.

Can you pause for a moment and allow me to ask you another question: What is one memorable moment you can name as you look back on this year? What made it special?

It is always so much easier to notice everything that did not go as we had hoped for.

This Psalm, a prayer for those who return from exile, reminds us that the Lord restores. Could we also be returning to something this season of Advent? Perhaps we are being restored; being filled with joy in ways that a few months ago didn’t seem possible.

What has brought you joy today?

Luz Cabrera Montes

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God who loves and restores, who fills us with laughter, be with me today and every day. Remind me of your everlasting care. Amen.

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Choose joy, share joy, and make it a discipline.

Luz Cabrera Montes

Luz Cabrera Montes is a curate at Trinity Episcopal Church, Midtown Houston in the Diocese of Texas. Luz is also a Youth Ministry Liaison for The Episcopal Church Office of Youth Ministries.

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