O holy Child of Bethlehem, descend to us, we pray. / Cast out our sin and enter in. Be born in us today! / We hear the Christmas angels, the great glad tidings tell. / O come to us, abide with us, our Lord, Emmanuel.

from “O Little Town of Bethlehem” by Phillips Brooks (1868)

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The Lord will rule forever! Zion, your God will rule from one generation to the next! Praise the Lord!

Psalm 146:10

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With the commotion of Christmas, it can be hard to keep our focus on the spirituality of the season. All of those things – the pageants, presents, and parties – they all really should remind us of what we truly need to receive spiritually: the Lord who will reign forever. Sure, by simply seeking God we’ve already been given this assurance. We can always use a good reminder that our God reigns.

Mariah Carey might just be reminding us of our deepest need with her hit song, “All I Want for Christmas is You.” Remove the lovey-dovey, sugary sweet, gross romantics, and what’s left of the song is a plea for one person, or in our case, one God. Coming to that realization is what brings true joy at Christmas.

We don’t need snow, or stockings, or letters to Santa. And, I really hope there aren’t any mysterious mistletoe divine encounters. Instead, we just need God. Here. Right now.

The best part: once the wrapping and tissue paper are gone, God will reign. Forever.

Daniel Potter

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You are all I really need, God, as I wait on Christmas Day. Focusing in on you rather than the other trappings of the holidays is what will ultimately bring joy. So, with bated breath, I await your arrival in human form. Come, Lord Jesus. Amen.

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Jesus is coming.

Our Savior is nigh.

Yearn for that gift,

and welcome its light.


Daniel Potter

Daniel Potter is the Minister of Youth at First Baptist Church of Columbus, GA. Daniel is a graduate of the University of North Carolina and of the Wake Forest University School of Divinity. In his free time, Daniel loves spending time with his wife, throwing a frisbee for his dog, cheering on the Tar Heels, and everything musical.

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