Rest in the Lord and be truly happy.

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Then the eyes of the blind will be opened, and the ears of the deaf will be cleared. Then the lame will leap like the deer, and the tongue of the speechless will sing. Waters will spring up in the desert, and streams in the wilderness. The burning sand will become a pool, and the thirsty ground, fountains of water. The jackals’ habitat, a pasture; grass will become reeds and rushes.

Isaiah 35:5-7

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This passage from Isaiah is a poignant reminder that God can and does offer extraordinary blessings in our lives. The challenge is for us to see and acknowledge the miracles. When the blind see or the deaf hear, we notice. However, it is far more challenging to notice the friend who comes to you at exactly the moment you need her, or the Christmas wish given to us on the street by a stranger just when we are getting the holiday blues.

God touches us in beautiful ways daily. In moments when we struggle to see or hear or feel our blessings, let us refocus on the Lord and know that our eyes will be opened, our ears unstopped, and we will leap and shout for joy at the blessings we have been given.

Kristina Holland

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Dear Lord, help me open my eyes, my ears, and my heart to your blessings. Let me experience joy even on days when I am struggling. Bring me from despair and allow me to shout for joy. Amen.

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Go into this day and, with the Lord’s help, choose joy.

Kristina Holland

Kristina Holland has a passion for working with youth and is blessed to be the Youth and Family Ministries Coordinator at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Brevard, NC. A lifelong resident of Brevard, Kristina finds joy in spending time with her twenty-something daughter, working as a college professor teaching English and Appalachian Culture, enjoying the natural world, and practicing mindfulness.

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