Rest in the Lord and be truly happy.

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Now when John heard in prison about the things the Christ was doing, he sent word by his disciples to Jesus, asking, “Are you the one who is to come, or should we look for another?”

Jesus responded, “Go, report to John what you hear and see. Those who were blind are able to see. Those who were crippled are walking. People with skin diseases are cleansed. Those who were deaf now hear. Those who were dead are raised up. The poor have good news proclaimed to them. Happy are those who don’t stumble and fall because of me.”

Matthew 11:2-6

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Can you remember a time when you lost all joy? You are worried, disappointed and frustrated. Life isn’t giving you what you think you need. We all have felt that way at times. Moving past that feeling of despair can oftentimes be a challenge we don’t feel like facing.

Face it anyway. Face it with courage. Face it knowing the Lord is here. Move toward joy through knowing the power of the Lord, for Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead.

Let this be a reminder to us that the Lord is capable of working gloriously in our lives. Let this knowledge give us hope and help us not to stumble, but to be steadfast in our faith.

Kristina Holland

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Dear Lord, help me to be strong and keep my eyes on you, to walk without stumbling and to remain strong in my beliefs. Even when I am tempted and I begin to stumble, help me to regain my footing and remain steadfast in my faith. Amen.

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Go into this day and, with the Lord’s help, choose joy.

Kristina Holland

Kristina Holland has a passion for working with youth and is blessed to be the Youth and Family Ministries Coordinator at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Brevard, NC. A lifelong resident of Brevard, Kristina finds joy in spending time with her twenty-something daughter, working as a college professor teaching English and Appalachian Culture, enjoying the natural world, and practicing mindfulness.

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