Jesus Christ is king over a kingdom of sinners-turned-saints by the redemption in his blood. We are made new by his sacrifice. We are made holy by God’s mercy. We are made alive by the working of the Spirit within.

Enter into a time of connection with this great God, this mighty king, this moving Spirit. Worship the One who is worthy of true worship.

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He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation; for in him all things in heaven and on earth were created, things visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or powers — all things have been created through him and for him. He himself is before all things, and in him all things hold together. He is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that he might come to have first place in everything. For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell.

Colossians 1:15-19

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Even as a king, Jesus was still a man – born of a young girl, apprenticed to a carpenter. He took on the flesh of humanity and, at the same time, the fullness of God. Fully God, fully human.

It’s hard to imagine; this man is actually the image of the invisible God. But I am so thankful that God saw fit to give us a tangible expression of holy love. God was no longer thought of as some far-off reality – God was made flesh and blood in Jesus Christ.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God" (John 1:1). Living, breathing Jesus. People could actually touch him, and they did – they touched his robe, his hands, his feet. Human and holy.

This fact gives us a newfound understanding for our own potential. It’s tempting to separate our spiritual lives from our “real-world” lives, but Jesus shows us that they are one and the same. Every moment is an opportunity to seek the holy. Let’s not waste even one of them!

Caitlin Estes

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Holy Jesus, thank you for walking this earth and showing me the way. Walk with me now as I desire to live a life for you. Amen.

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Go forward in confidence of the rule and reign of Christ, the community of fellow believers, and the hope that is to be fulfilled.

Remember Jesus Christ as lowly infant, humble carpenter, and servant king. Remember him as invisible God made flesh, firstborn of creation, everlasting Prince of Peace.

Live fully into the abundant life offered you, and give thanks.

Caitlin Estes

Caitlin Estes is a graduate of Campbell Divinity School who desires to lead people to the goodness of God. She can most often be found at a coffee shop, spending time with her husband, or writing for her website

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