Ordinary Time


In God’s Spirit, we have an advocate, a truth-teller, and a peace-giver.

As you await the power of the Spirit’s gifts, listen again for God’s still, small voice.


“If you love me, you will keep my commandments. I will ask the Father, and he will send another Companion, who will be with you forever. This Companion is the Spirit of Truth, whom the world can’t receive because it neither sees him nor recognizes him. You know him, because he lives with you and will be with you.”

John 14:15-17


Elsewhere in the gospels, Jesus says that the greatest commandments are first to love God (with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength) and then to love our neighbor as ourselves. Here Jesus says that if we love him, we need to keep his commandments. Which commandments? Above all, to love God and to love our neighbors. And how do we show that we love God? By keeping God’s commandments (and so on and so forth, you get the idea!).

Should this rather circular logic be too confusing or too difficult, Jesus reminds us that God has sent another Companion—a helper and comforter who will not only abide with us but who will live in us. This companion will be here to remind us to keep God’s commandments to love. This companion will speak God’s truth within us and among us, so that we will be motivated to live the truth of God’s love in our lives. This companion will be with us forever, witnessing to God’s truth and empowering us to do the same.

Peter Hanson


When I need a gentle reminder, send me the Spirit of your truth.

When I need an encouraging word — to know and to be known — send me the Companion.

Abide with me and lead me, Spirit of the Living God.



You are a beloved child of God,

created in God’s image,

empowered with the gift of Christ’s peace,

led by the Spirit of truth.

Go into this troubled world led beyond your fear to live as God’s children here and now.