Life is full of disappointments. There's enough sadness around for everyone to know the hardest times that humans can experience.

The way of faith doesn't deny suffering and struggle, it simply recognizes that difficult experiences are not the end of the story.

No, God's way of "doing business" is to redeem every situation, to lift us up, to teach us, to help us grow. No matter your circumstances today, these gifts are available to you now.

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Fear seized all of them; and they glorified God, saying, “A great prophet has risen among us!” and “God has looked favorably on his people!” This word about him spread throughout Judea and all the surrounding country.

Luke 7:16-17

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The crowd has quite a response to what they have witnessed. They are seized by “fear,” which is a way of declaring astonishment and amazement. Immediately, they glorify God. The people acknowledge Jesus as a great prophet and affirm the authenticity of God’s work.

God’s work is more than simply a show for us to watch; it is something for us to remember, participate in, and share. God’s work is sitting with someone new in the lunchroom. God’s work is giving a younger neighbor a ride to school. God’s work is being a leader in youth group. The amazing acts we witness encourage us in times of pain and hardship.

What amazing thing is God doing in your life?

Chris Cherry

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Creator God, you surround me with your amazing works. Give me the eyes to notice, the heart to participate, and the hands to share with others. Allow me to recall just how amazing you are when I encounter times of struggle, and let that be an encouragement to me. Amen.

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Resurrection is an every day kind of thing.
We celebrate it at Easter, each Sunday,
And, in fact, all the days in between.

Place no limitations on God's determination
To redeem your life, regardless of circumstance.
Live into the kind of faith that anticipates redemption.

Chris Cherry

Chris Cherry serves as the minister to students at St. Andrews Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina. He has served as a Bible study leader on a PassportKids team and two Passport Youth teams. Chris graduated from Georgetown College in 2009 and McAfee School of Theology in 2013. He is engaged and will be married to Tory at the end of this month.

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