Life can feel scattered.

When everything else beckons for our attention — schoolwork, jobs, family, sports, and future endeavors — we might push faith aside.

But faith is supposed to be in the center of our lives.

In simple daily tasks — reading the Bible, caring for others, eating together, and praying — we are drawn closer to God and to each other.

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Every day, they met together in the temple and ate in their homes. They shared food with gladness and simplicity.

Acts 2:46

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Do I know the names of the people I go to church with? Do I know their struggles? Do I love them? In Acts, it says that the believers met together every day. They ate together. They supported each other.

I was a construction laborer in my father’s business starting at the age of nine, and I was a brand-new Christian. I kept a ledger of my income and expenses. For a kid, I had a great deal of discretion over what I did with the money I earned, and because I kept a record, I was able to see what I was spending it on.

I liked supporting missionaries. I wanted other people to hear about God, but I also wanted my money to help other kids have food and clean water. The missionaries used those small amounts of money that I was able to give out of my abundance to help children around the world live. Sharing made me feel good.

Today I ask: do I still have that first-love feeling about sharing with others?

Deborah Guy

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Holy God, help me to always live a life of faith. Teach me to share. Amen.

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Remember: Faith is the essence of life.

Deborah Hurd Guy

Deborah Guy is a freelance writer and instructor. She lives in Georgia with her cat Midnight. Her hobbies include writing poetry, reading, and rescuing animals. She is currently working on a book explaining how church people and others can truly help the poor. It will be created based on research both from the academic literature and sociological interviews. She wants to get past the middle class values that shape what people are willing to do for the poor and get at what people really need.

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