Ordinary Time


Take a deep breath in, consider all the things that are weighing on you today.

As you breathe out, imagine breathing out all the stress and anxiety.

Breathe in again. Imagine breathing in the love of God.

Exhale and imagine sharing that love.


“But you shouldn’t be called Rabbi, because you have one teacher, and all of you are brothers and sisters. Don’t call anybody on earth your father, because you have one Father, who is heavenly. Don’t be called teacher, because Christ is your one teacher.”

Matthew 23:8-10


Last night I was studying World History with my daughter. She is learning about the earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia. These early civilizations did not have electricity, indoor plumbing, or cell phones. The only written communication they had was a rudimentary form of writing they etched into rocks or clay. And though they did not have all the resources we have today, they still created within themselves social classes. Can you believe that? Before modern money even existed, people were judging each other based on their possessions, jobs, and looks. Long before anyone knew what it meant to be “emo,” “goth,” or “nerdy,” people have been labeling each other.

In our passage today, Jesus radically calls his followers to live upside-down, seeing with the eyes of God and living with the humility of Christ. Jesus tells us to live in radical equality as brothers and sisters serving one another and following only Christ.

Kelli Kirksey

Question to Ponder:

How can you treat everyone you encounter as if they are your brother or sister?


God my Teacher, thank you for teaching me what it means to humbly love others.

Help me to see everyone in my life as family.

Help me to treat everyone I encounter as my brother or sister.



As you go, take moments throughout the day to stop and breathe in the love of God.

Then breathe out God’s love on those around you.