Gently, gently, God is coming to you.

Quietly, patiently, Jesus is listening to you.

Peacefully, lovingly, the Spirit is speaking to you.

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Come, let’s sing out loud to the Lord! Let’s raise a joyful shout to the rock of our salvation! Let’s come before him with thanks! Let’s shout songs of joy to him! The Lord is a great God, the great king over all other gods. The earth’s depths are in his hands; the mountain heights belong to him; the sea, which he made, is his along with the dry ground, which his own hands formed.

Psalm 95:1-5

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Look around you. Wherever your eyes may rest, God is there. Whether inside your heart, outside on the distant hills or mountains, up in the sky, or down in the dirt. No place is too small or too large to be made by and loved by God.

In these verses, the writer is filled with singing because they see a God who rules over everything and is also active in all that is made. A God who made all the world might inspire fear, but a God who cares for that world draws forth singing and praise.

Just like the God of Genesis who creates with a word, but forms people by hand, God is up there and down here, reigning supreme, but deeply interested in the earth as well. God is a good gardener, who plants the flowers but returns over and over to care for them. Let us gather around our good Gardener with shouts and song!

Amber Inscore Essick

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O Lord, you are wonderful and marvelous. You are loving and caring. Hear now my song of praise, that my shouts and songs might be a joyful noise in your ears. Amen.

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Drink of the deep love of God. As it fills your heart, let it overflow to those near you who most need to be seen and heard by God.

Amber Inscore Essick

Rev. Amber Inscore Essick co-pastors Port Royal Baptist Church, a rural church on the Kentucky River. She is the Adjunct Professor of Christian Worship at Baptist Seminary of Kentucky. Amber loves being in the woods, watching birds, watching post-apocalyptic movies, and drinking hot tea. She's married to John and has three kids: Olin, Leif, and Wren.

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