Following the Star


God's love is always faithfully at work, always chasing after us.

God's love continues to enter into all the ordinary, marvelous, and messy realities of life in this world.

May you experience this great and faithful love today.


"As soon as I heard your greeting, the baby in my womb jumped for joy. Happy is she who believed that the Lord would fulfill the promises he made to her."

Luke 1:44-45


Elizabeth and her husband Zechariah had been unable to have children of their own and were now long past child-bearing years. Then an angel appeared to Zechariah and told him they will have a child after all. At their ages, such a promise seemed impossible. And yet, Elizabeth is about 6 months pregnant when Mary visits her. Both are unexpectedly pregnant in seemingly impossible ways, but God is at work, carrying through on promises to send a Messiah to show God's people a better way. This baby moving in Elizabeth's womb was a physical reminder of how God fulfills God's promises.

It's easier to be happy when we see evidence that God's promises are coming true; it's harder to believe them when they are still just promises. And yet, God faithfully loves us. God doesn't always act when and how we expect, but God doesn't break promises.

Reflect on the ways God has kept God's promises in scripture and in your own life. Maybe you too will find yourself jumping for joy.

Chris Cash


God of Love, sometimes I struggle to trust in you and your promises, especially when they seem impossible. Remind me that you have always been faithful in keeping your promises. Help me to trust in your loving faithfulness. Amen.


Today, may you experience the relentless, faithful love of God entering your world. May it change you.

May that same love send you out into this world to relentlessly, faithfully love others as you have been loved.