Some mountains are tall, and some mountains are small.

But whatever your mountain is, God is already there.

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The Lord rules— the nations shake! He sits enthroned on the winged heavenly creatures— the earth quakes! The Lord is great in Zion; he is exalted over all the nations. Let them thank your great and awesome name. He is holy!

Psalm 99:1-3

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What a vision! Shaking nations, winged thrones, earth quaking! The Lord rules! Yeah! Let’s go!

But then the news comes on television and we hear about burning forests, warring nations, and hungry children. We open social media and see the hurtful things being said to us or our friends. It can be hard to believe this vision of God on high in the midst of a troublesome world, especially when dealing with difficulties of our own.

Yet this is when we need to remember this message even more. Because despite what we see or what we are shown, the Lord rules. We believe in the everlasting rule of our Lord, not just in the past. God’s rule is not about commanding and orchestrating, but leading and guiding the world through us in creating a better world for each other.

It is knowing and trusting in God’s rule that allows us to have hope in the face of difficulty, because we know that the Lord rules – then, now, and forever. The Lord rules!

Kris “Bubba” Brammer

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I praise you, O Lord, that you rule in my life and in my heart. Let your Spirit stir in me this day, that I may go into the world proclaiming with my words and my actions that you indeed rule this day and forevermore. Amen.

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Go climb your mountain and see that God is holy!

Kris "Bubba" Brammer

Kris "Bubba" Brammer currently serves as the Director of Christian Education at First Presbyterian Church in Lincoln, NE. Growing up in the mountains of Roanoke, VA and previously serving churches in NC, he is now learning and exploring the many hidden wonders of Nebraska with his wife Kris and their dog Wrigley. He also enjoys golf, fly fishing, and woodworking.

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