Take a few deep breaths.

As you inhale, breathe in God’s peace for you.

As you exhale, breathe out all that keeps you from being at peace.

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Faithful love and truth have met; righteousness and peace have kissed. Truth springs up from the ground; righteousness gazes down from heaven. Yes, the Lord gives what is good, and our land yields its produce. Righteousness walks before God, making a road for his steps.

Psalm 85:10-13

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I was overly confident on a hike a few years ago. I’d been on this particular trail before and knew that the trees were marked along the way signifying that I was on the right path, so I left my map at home. The hike started out well, but about an hour in, I found myself in unfamiliar territory with no tree markings in sight. I was lost, and the longer I was lost, the more disoriented and distressed I became.

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic this year, I’ve felt lost more times than not, not knowing which way to turn. Time and again, I’ve hoped for a pandemic roadmap with clear instructions for getting through the pandemic and a post-pandemic destination, but that map never seems to appear.

The Psalmist trusts in God’s road signs – love, truth, righteousness, and peace – and God gifts him “a road for his steps.” When we are feeling lost, if we trust in God’s road signs, and act with love, truth, righteousness, and peace, God gives us direction, too. May God give you direction and make a way forward for you when you feel lost.

Rosy Robson

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Guiding God, there are times when I feel lost and don’t know which way to turn. Help me to trust in you when I feel lost. Reorient me with your love, truth, righteousness, and peace. Make a road for my steps. Amen.

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Go now to a responsible involvement in the world.
Be at peace,
for God who created you,
Christ who redeems you,
and the Spirit who sustains you
go with you today and every day.

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Rosy Robson

Rosy Robson lives in Richardson, TX and currently serves First Presbyterian Church of Richardson. She has a deep love for Christ's Church and is passionate about building relationships and fostering discipleship in creative and collaborative ways. Rosy enjoys spending time with family and friends, experimenting in the kitchen, and being outside as much as possible.

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