Begin by asking God for eyes to see, a heart to praise, and a voice to give thanks.

Center yourself in God’s goodness and faithful love. Rest in knowing that God’s intentions for you are for good, not for harm.

Be reminded that there is nothing that can separate you from God’s never-ending love.

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They brought it to Jesus, threw their clothes on the colt, and lifted Jesus onto it. As Jesus rode along, they spread their clothes on the road.

Luke 19:35-36

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It's been said that there were two parades that day. On one side of town, the Roman governor entered on his high horse. With thousands of Jews approaching Jerusalem for the Passover festival, he had a job to do: keep the peace. Jerusalem was an occupied territory of the Roman Empire. Fear and force kept the Jews in line. This official’s presence was a signal to every Jew there: don’t rock the boat; don’t upset Rome.

Across town, Jesus entered into town riding on a simple colt. His procession challenged earthly notions of power and kingship. Jesus showed us that the way of strength is the way of weakness. King Jesus rode into town as one who came not to be served, but to serve. In Jesus’ kingdom, his followers are not just servants, but friends.

Which parade would you attend? The one at which you’re just another face in the crowd at the disposal of an empire? Or the one in which you’re an active participant, eager to become part of God’s reign of everlasting peace and love?

Devita Parnell

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Jesus, sometimes it is easier not to rock the boat. I sit back and watch as injustices occur instead of throwing my lot in to stand with you and everyone else who has ever been taken advantage of. Help me to let go of worldly notions of power and follow you into servanthood. Help me to pay attention to the places where I hold positions of power, influence, or leadership. Let me use these areas to build up and encourage others. Amen.

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Pay attention to your words and actions today. Share generously your praise toward God and others.

Rejoice. Celebrate. Praise.

Devita Parnell

Devita Parnell serves as the Young Baptist Ecosystem Manager for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and is active in First Baptist Church Decatur, Georgia as a deacon, first grade Sunday school teacher, and pianist. She lives a full and fulfilling life with her husband, Mark, two children, Tyler and Julia, and three pets (2 dogs and 1 cat).

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