Journey to the Cross


Transform my fear, that I might proclaim courage.

Transform my doubt, that I might proclaim hope.

Transform my uncertainty, that I might proclaim faith.

Transform my sin, that I might proclaim forgiveness.


The apostles were brought before the council where the high priest confronted them: “In no uncertain terms, we demanded that you not teach in this name. And look at you! You have filled Jerusalem with your teaching. And you are determined to hold us responsible for this man’s death.”

Acts 5:27-28


Have you ever had to go against what others are saying and doing to stand up for what you believe in? This is not an easy thing. I don't think that it ever gets more comfortable to do this, but I do think it gets easier with practice.

Jesus was well-versed in speaking out for what is right. So he taught his disciples and us to do likewise. We all have things in our lives and in the world that we feel strongly about and that we wish to teach others. Jesus taught us to do just this. If we take Jesus’ teaching seriously, when we follow in his footsteps we often end up going against the grain. This means that we will sometimes face criticism.

It takes courage to speak out. And, people will disagree with you. Yet, we can rest assured that God will be with us to affirm what is right. We must be determined to spread the good news of God’s love and grace no matter what others might say.

Samantha Haycock


God of determination, sometimes it seems as though I am being questioned. It can be hard to stand up for what I believe in when others are uncertain. Help me to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. Fill me with courage and determination to teach in your name. Amen.


Proclaim God’s truth in all you do.

Go with courage.

Go with hope.

Go with faith.

Forgive and be forgiven.

All in Jesus’ name.