You are here. God is here.

God meets you right where you are – in a place God has been before.

God calls you into a place of promise, a place of blessing, a place of grace.

Stay here awhile. Stay here with God.

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When Abram was 99 years old, the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him, “I am El Shaddai. Walk with me and be trustworthy. I will make a covenant between us and I will give you many, many descendants.” Abram fell on his face, and God said to him, “But me, my covenant is with you; you will be the ancestor of many nations. And because I have made you the ancestor of many nations, your name will no longer be Abram but Abraham. I will make you very fertile. I will produce nations from you, and kings will come from you. I will set up my covenant with you and your descendants after you in every generation as an enduring covenant. I will be your God and your descendants’ God after you."

Genesis 17:1-7

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My parents named me Peter, but in middle school I started going by “Pete,” which I thought was much cooler. That stuck until the middle of college, when for a variety of reasons, I decided to put the “r” back on my name. To this day, I am easily reminded when certain people first met me by which version of my name they use.

God — also known by the name “El Shaddai” — changes Abram’s name to Abraham as a sign of the covenant God makes with him. While it’s fun to look at the various plays on words found in the different names (especially in their original Hebrew forms), what’s even more important is the reason his name was changed. It was to mark a covenant of belonging between God, Abraham, and his descendants. His name itself served as a reminder of God’s promise.

Peter Hanson

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You have called me by name, O God, and I am yours. Call to me again, remind me of both who I am and whose I am. Amen.

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Walk with God, trusting in God’s promises.

Be convinced that God will do what God has promised to do.

Live in that trust, in that conviction, in that faith.

Walk with God and be trustworthy.

Peter Hanson

Peter Hanson is the lead pastor at Christ the King/Cristo Rey Lutheran Church in New Brighton, MN. Over the course of thirty years in ministry, Peter has served as a youth minister at a mega-church in the Twin Cities suburbs, a street chaplain in Berkeley and San Francisco, a solo pastor in small-town Vermont, as well as a missionary in Dakar, Senegal. His wife, Sarah Grow, is a yoga instructor who also works with new immigrants and refugees. They have one son in college and one in high school and frequently a foster dog or two at home.

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