Back to School


I close my eyes and breathe, inviting peace.

I open my heart and breathe, inviting love.

My soul rejoices, knowing God is with me.


But how can I handle all your troubles, burdens, and disputes by myself? Now, for each of your tribes, choose wise, discerning, and well-regarded individuals. I will appoint them as your leaders.

You answered me: “What you have proposed is a good idea.”

Deuteronomy 1:12-14


At the beginning of a new school year, I always feel like I have a chance to remake myself by committing to a new daily discipline that will make me healthier, happier, or more efficient. Maybe it’s because my birthday falls during this time of year or because new teachers, new students, and new opportunities for learning remind me of the hope of the resurrection.

I usually make the mistake of thinking that I can do this new thing all by myself, without consulting with anyone or asking anyone to journey with me. Inevitably, my efforts to “fly solo” are less successful than they would be if I had taken on these new challenges with family or friends. In a culture where everyone wants to be a leader, what does it mean to be led by others?

As we enter a new academic year, who are the “wise, discerning, and well-regarded” people in your life? How will you bring your gifts to help each other build the Kingdom of God?

Heidi J. Kim


Good and Gracious God, you know me and love me for my gifts and my challenges. Help me to remember to make space for you, so that I can truly and lovingly see where you are calling me to go and lovingly see others who can walk with me. Bless this journey that we will be making together. Amen.


Let peace remind me to enter with love.

Let love remind me to make space for God.

May God’s grace help me to see and be seen!