Ordinary Time


Settle my soul.

Ease my anxious thoughts.

Calm my beating heart.


God is our refuge and strength, a help always near in times of great trouble. That’s why we won’t be afraid when the world falls apart, when the mountains crumble into the center of the sea, when its waters roar and rage, when the mountains shake because of its surging waves. Selah

Psalm 46:1-3


Imagine a time when you were afraid. Maybe your world was spinning out of control. Maybe you were worried about an upcoming deadline or a new transition at work, school, or home. As you think about whatever specific fears you’ve experienced, imagine your feet rooted on solid ground. Your bare feet planted firmly in the grass. Take some deep breaths. Feel how the ground bears your weight and holds you safely.

When we ground ourselves in God’s love, we remember the truth from the Psalmist, “God is our refuge and strength.” How can this experience of being grounded change our outlook on our fears and worries? How can this truth – that God is our strength – help us to face our fears and move through them?

Erica Whitaker


God, my refuge, be present with me in times of fear and worry. Ease my anxious thoughts.

Keep my feet grounded in your love that I may walk through this day with courage to face any obstacles.



Take courage.

Trust in the Lord.

God is your refuge.