Repent. It’s a word that can challenge us, but simply put, it means to turn.

Sometimes we turn toward things and other times we turn away.

In the next few minutes, settle your heart, mind, and soul and turn toward God.

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Don’t trust in violence; don’t set false hopes in robbery. When wealth bears fruit, don’t set your heart on it. God has spoken one thing— make it two things— that I myself have heard: that strength belongs to God, and faithful love comes from you, my Lord— and that you will repay everyone according to their deeds.

Psalm 62:10-12

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Setting your GPS seems simple enough. Type in your destination and follow the voice command. It can be a real time- and trouble-saver. We put a lot of trust in machines and apps, but one wrong number, letter, or technical difficulty could set us off course and take us to a place that we didn’t want to go.

Setting a destination for our heart also seems straightforward, but commercialism and the false promise of monetary riches can draw us in all too easily. The human temptation can be to chase after the things that momentarily make us happy, but that feeling often fades before the wrapping paper finds its way to the recycle bin.

Setting our hearts to love, however, asks that we pursue a different aim and follow a different voice. Strength and faithful love come from God, and that is worth putting our trust in.

Neil Myer

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Faithful God, help me to set my heart on you even when I drift off course. Guide my path in such a way that each destination will bear witness to your strength and love. Amen.

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Christ is calling you today. Time to trust and follow the example of love.

Neil Myer

Neil Myer is a husband, father, and child of God. He serves as the campus minister for UKirk at MSU, Presbyterian Campus Ministry at Michigan State University, and as Director of Discipleship at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in East Lansing, Michigan.

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