There is such a thing, you know, as having too much: too much money, too much power, too many possessions, even too much time – if we become bored with it.

It's hard to know, sometimes, when it becomes too much. A good clue is that we lose sight of when and where the reign of God is revealed.

In these next moments, ask God to clarify your view, clear out whatever clouds your vision, and help you to see where God is at work.

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Then Job answered: "Today also my complaint is bitter; his hand is heavy despite my groaning. Oh, that I knew where I might find him, that I might come even to his dwelling! I would lay my case before him, and fill my mouth with arguments. I would learn what he would answer me, and understand what he would say to me. Would he contend with me in the greatness of his power? No; but he would give heed to me. There an upright person could reason with him, and I should be acquitted forever by my judge."

Job 23:1-7

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Sometimes a helpful friend can't help but talk. You know the type; no matter how difficult the situation, your know-it-all friend just happens to have something to say.

Job is in the same boat. He's faced the worst; family, money, land, and respect are all gone. Job is at his breaking point, when here come his so-called friends with an opinion to share. One of the three, Eliphaz, suggests that it's all Job's fault. “You’re being punished for secret sins,” he casually asserts. “That's the only explanation for this hell you're going through.”

Wisely, Job blows him off, knowing that this pompous friend does not know everything. While everyone around him kept saying that possessions meant blessing and pain meant punishment, Job stayed anchored to the character of Yahweh. Even in the middle of sadness, he knew that he served a just and great God, who heard him even when the evidence said otherwise.

We serve the same God.

John Woods

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Sovereign God, who is trustworthy and just, help me to live in the confidence of your character, so that I might be at peace in the midst of turmoil. Amen.

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Go now knowing just how much you are blessed.
Find creative ways to risk yourself for the world God loves.
Seek out ways to be extravagant with your gifts,
Making your life useful in God's service.

John Woods

John Woods is pastor of music and worship at Northside Baptist Church in Victoria, Texas, where he provides leadership in the areas of music, the arts, worship, and liturgy. When there’s time, John likes cluttering up his Mac, reading Dan Brown, listening to “This American Life,” traveling with his wife Lindsay and son Hudson, and exploring the intersections of music, faith, liturgy, and community.

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