Ordinary Time


We make space for God’s Spirit to fill us. A new identity – a new purpose – wells up within.

This new way of being comes not from our hearts alone; it comes from Jesus Christ and his righteousness.

Breathe in these words and know that you are loved: “Christ be with me, Christ within me, Christ behind me, Christ before me.” (from The Prayer of St. Patrick)


Jesus said to them, “Haven’t you ever read in the scriptures, The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. The Lord has done this, and it’s amazing in our eyes? Therefore, I tell you that God’s kingdom will be taken away from you and will be given to a people who produce its fruit."

Matthew 21:42-43


At the church of my childhood, I remember seeing the cornerstone of our sanctuary. It was the bricks by which all of the other bricks were measured when the building was constructed. The cornerstone is what guides the rest of the construction. Here in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus quotes from Psalm 118 and compares himself to a cornerstone.

What is the cornerstone of your life? The journey of Christian faith is about reminding ourselves on a daily basis that Jesus Christ is to be the stone by which all other stones of our lives are measured.

Perhaps right now is a moment for each of us to take a breath and to ask God to be with us and to guide us into living the kind of life that is defined by the hope, peace, grace, and love of our cornerstone, Jesus Christ.

Tyler Tankersley


God, help me to build my life with Jesus Christ as my cornerstone. Instill in me Christ’s compassionate nature, strong love for all people, and commitment to follow you. Help me to be a disciple of Christ’s teaching and to follow his path throughout this day. Amen.


As you depart from this moment, may you know that the righteousness of Jesus Christ walks with you wherever you go.