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As followers of Jesus, we have committed to a life of faith and discipleship. We reaffirm this initial commitment with a fresh commitment to follow Christ each day.

Scripture invites us to choose today whom we will serve, whom we will follow. Will you follow Jesus today? Where might the Spirit of God lead you?


Those who plant only for their own benefit will harvest devastation from their selfishness, but those who plant for the benefit of the Spirit will harvest eternal life from the Spirit.

Galatians 6:8


During this season to commit, it’s worthwhile to stop and ask, why are you planting? What sort of harvest do you expect?

I’ve never been much of a gardener. I was thrilled as a young boy to receive seeds from a record-breaking pumpkin. I was sure that mine would grow even larger than its predecessor. As it turns out, it never even sprouted. I did learn something from my time in my grandfather’s garden, though. He showed me the neat rows of crops, and even before any plants broke the surface, he knew exactly what would appear. You see, he understood that tomatoes would grow tomatoes, okra would grow okra, green beans would grow green beans.

This horticulture 101 probably isn’t news to you, even if you’ve never spent time in a garden. Today’s Scripture teaches that a similar principle operates in our spiritual lives as well: Those who plant for selfish gain grow devastation, while those who plant for the Spirit harvest eternal life. Deciding what to harvest determines what you will plant.

Joshua Hays


God, I thank you for the physical harvest that nourishes my body. Thank you also for the spiritual harvest that nourishes my spirit. Help me to plant seeds in my life for the benefit of the Spirit rather than for my own selfish gain. Amen.


The seed that fell on good soil are those who hear the word and commit themselves to it with a good and upright heart. Through their resolve, they bear fruit.

Luke 8:15 (emphasis added)

May you bear fruit in this season of commitment to the Lord Jesus.