What will you hear today? Take a deep breath. God has something for you, to shape you, to calm you, to inspire you.

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When the centurion saw what happened, he praised God, saying, “It’s really true: this man was righteous.” All the crowds who had come together to see this event returned to their homes beating their chests after seeing what had happened. And everyone who knew him, including the women who had followed him from Galilee, stood at a distance observing these things.

Luke 23:47-49

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In this vivid description in Luke’s gospel, we come upon three viewpoints of a terrible scene, a cruel ending, and the awful result of human fear and greed.

First, a military leader, who has “seen it all,” sees Jesus’ death and the dramatic events that occur as his death is happening (sudden storms, shaking earth, criminals confessing). Second, the crowds. Curious onlookers, lawmakers thinking they were justified, heartbroken followers — finally convinced that Jesus was the one they’d been waiting for. And at the end of this passage, the women, believers who had been following Jesus for a while.

We understand the perspective of all of these people and what follows: their new belief, the sorrow, and the slowly dawning understanding that comes only from time and relationship.

It is not easy to believe. We’re either shocked into believing, or we believe because we’ve done it for a while. But it seems that it always takes evidence to truly convince us. What evidence have you seen that helps you to know that Jesus is with you?

Gina Yeager-Buckley

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God, I confess that it takes more than words to make me believe. Sometimes I can only believe because of what I see. And even worse, sometimes it takes tragedy to help me understand the truth. Help me begin to see because I know, because I’ve listened, because I have a relationship with you. Amen.

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Go into the world. Make disciples. Make people curious. Make your faith visible.

Gina Yeager-Buckley

Gina Yeager-Buckley serves as the national Associate for Ministries with Youth for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

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