Ordinary Time


Christ is the light of the world — the one who sees us and helps us to see with the eyes of faith. In the season of Epiphany, we ponder who Christ is and remember his ministry among the people of Israel, as well as the outcasts and foreigners.

And we remember that God has called each of us to bear Christ’s light in the world.

So what is God calling you to see in your own life? Or to see in the lives of those around you? How might others know and see God in you this week?

Come. Come and see.


Now the boy Samuel was serving the Lord under Eli. The Lord’s word was rare at that time, and visions weren’t widely known. One day Eli, whose eyes had grown so weak he was unable to see, was lying down in his room. God’s lamp hadn’t gone out yet, and Samuel was lying down in the Lord’s temple, where God’s chest was.

The Lord called to Samuel. “I’m here,” he said.

Samuel hurried to Eli and said, “I’m here. You called me?”

“I didn’t call you,” Eli replied. “Go lie down.” So he did.

Again the Lord called Samuel, so Samuel got up, went to Eli, and said, “I’m here. You called me?”

“I didn’t call, my son,” Eli replied. “Go and lie down.”

(Now Samuel didn’t yet know the Lord, and the Lord’s word hadn’t yet been revealed to him.)

1 Samuel 3:1-7


Things weren’t looking good. The sons of the temple priest, Eli, had been acting up and causing trouble, and Eli was turning a blind eye to their actions, which made God unhappy. People hadn’t heard or seen anything from God in a long time.  Maybe because they weren’t ready to hear or see.

Would you be ready to hear from God or see God at work?

I’m always amazed at how surprising and creative God is. Somehow God has a way of reaching each of us and knowing exactly to what we will respond. God may speak through so many different things in our lives — the Bible, preaching, prayer, worship, songs, art, and other people. Maybe it’s a kind word of encouragement or a Scripture verse that speaks to what you’re experiencing. Maybe it’s a song that reminds you with a catchy tune that you are a beloved child of God.

How might God be calling your name and trying to get your attention? What might God be saying to you today?

Annabelle Peake Markey


Gracious God, thank you for always seeking and reaching out to your children. Thank you for calling me. Open up my eyes, my ears, and my heart so that I can understand how you are trying to speak to me and where you might be leading me. Amen.


Go, seen in the light of Christ.

Go, surrounded by the light of Christ.

Go, bearing the light of Christ to the world.

Go, reflecting the light of Christ to those in need.

Go, seeing the light of Christ shining forth from others.