God of glory and strength, come and sit with me.

Open me up to your light and truth.

God of glory and joy, come and be still with me.

Guide me in all I say and do.

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The Lord is the Spirit, and where the Lord’s Spirit is, there is freedom. All of us are looking with unveiled faces at the glory of the Lord as if we were looking in a mirror. We are being transformed into that same image from one degree of glory to the next degree of glory. This comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

2 Corinthians 3:17-18

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Two words: William Wallace. One word: Braveheart. Watch it. This film is a classic. There’s a famous line where William Wallace screams, “They’ll never take our freedom!” To be free is to be unrestricted, void of subjection to external forces or powers, and simply put — enjoying life. To be free is to know joy.

In our day and age, we have seemed to place some restrictions on freedom, as if it’s a matter of law and government. Freedom is arguably an American right and fundamental for the human spirit to flourish. However, freedom is also a matter of our faith, because God is in the business of freedom. Scripture reminds us that the Spirit of the Lord is freedom. In other words, the Spirit of God and freedom are exchangeable truths.

The deeper question, then, is: freedom for what purpose? The answer is found in the final verse — we are free to be transformed into the glory of the Lord. This is the truth, and it’s one I want to seek and explore. What about you?

Aram Bae

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God of glory and freedom, I don’t quite understand your Spirit, but I believe yours is the way to truth, life, and freedom. Open me up to be free to forgive, to be kind, and to be generous with your blessings so that others may also know your Spirit of freedom. I don’t get how this works, but I want to seek and explore. Amen.

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God the Creator, bless me and keep me.

God the Redeemer, smile upon me and be gracious to me.

God the Light, lead me in the path of wisdom and truth.

Aram Bae

Rev. Dr. Aram Bae is the Associate Pastor for Youth & Mission at First Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, VA. Aram serves on the boards for Montreat Conference Center in NC and the Habitat for Humanity in Greater Charlottesville. In addition to her passion for ministry with youth & families, she’s considering a new hobby—road biking. Help, Lord Jesus, help.

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