It is time. It is time to be. Be still. Be silent if you can. Just be for a few moments.

The Good News will come to you, and God willing, come through you. Read, experience, and then share. But first, be.

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Let the people thank you, God! Let all the people thank you! Let the people celebrate and shout with joy because you judge the nations fairly and guide all nations on the earth. Selah

Let the people thank you, God! Let all the people thank you!

Psalm 67:3-5

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I once worked as an assistant to a producer on the show “Friends.” One night I was asked to pick up the movie actor, Kevin Costner, and his kids from another office on the lot and bring them to see our show. When the family was done, I drove them back to his office. The movie star came around, looked me in the eye, shook my hand, and said, “Thank you very much.” He had that way of making me feel that he and I were the only people in the world, and thus I felt the sincerity of his words.

Today’s Psalm picks up where we left off on Monday. If you traveled this spiritual week on d365, did you feel the love of God extending to you? Do you know that Jesus is with you where you are always? Does it help to remember that, whether you see them or not, there are others traveling with you and praying for you?

If you know these things —  never forget to acknowledge God with sincerity: “Let all the people thank you, God! Let all the people thank you!” Amen!

Peter Ackerman

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God, I am grateful for the reminder that you are my journey and that I am not here alone. Take me today and use me in a way that shares this news and spreads the faith that continues to grow within me. Amen.

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You are never alone.

Remember this, and go out and find others; others who need the reminder of that Good News, and others who can bring God’s message to you.

Be who you are, and spread the Good News today.

Peter Ackerman

The Reverend Peter K. Ackerman is a lifelong Episcopalian who began his journey as the son of a successful television producer dad and actress mother. A graduate of the Virginia Theological Seminary, Peter lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife and their children. He currently serves the congregation of St. Christopher’s, Springfield as their rector.

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