Back to School


I know the plans I have in mind for you, declares the Lord; they are plans for peace, not disaster, to give you a future filled with hope. When you call me and come and pray to me, I will listen to you. When you search for me, yes, search for me with all your heart, you will find me. I will be present for you, declares the Lord…

Jeremiah 29:11-14a

May you enter into God’s peace and presence afresh.


Fill us full every morning with your faithful love so we can rejoice and celebrate our whole life long.

Psalm 90:14


What’s your favorite bowlful for breakfast? I like oatmeal. Melty peanut butter with dark chocolate in my oats fills me before school!

God dishes up a fresh start each morning of faithful love, filling us and sending us even more powerfully than our favorite breakfast. We don’t make it ourselves. It is neither dependent on the choices we made yesterday nor on our own sense of self-worth. God’s love is a gift, a fresh start. We are beloved just as we are. Through that love, what action can we take so others can rejoice and celebrate in their living too?

There are so many deep needs for loving action in our world.

While the hunger of food insecurity gnaws on some of our neighbors, working and trying to learn in school is desperately challenging. How can we better feed God’s beloved?

And beyond food itself, how can we each actively create spaces at our metaphorical tables, working towards inclusively celebrating the presence, perspective, and leadership of others?

May we be full of both God’s love and loving action.

Molly Logan


Thank you for the fullness of your love, God.

Whether I am hungry, hungry for love, hungry for community, hungry for forgiveness, or hungry for purpose, you know me.

Meet me in my fullness and in my need today.

Send me in your faithful love so that I may help others rejoice and celebrate today.



Certainly the faithful love of the Lord hasn’t ended; certainly God’s compassion isn’t through! They are renewed every morning. Great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23

Whether it’s morning or evening in your day, God’s grace is dawning.

May you be renewed by that fresh start and choose to live out that compassion.