O Lord, I want to know you better today than I did yesterday. I am hungry and thirsty for you. I want a rich relationship with you.

Teach me how to pray and communicate with you and to hear from you.

Help me hear you deep in my heart and give me the grace to respond to the great love that you have towards me.

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Whenever I am in deep trouble, you make me live again; you send your power against my enemies’ wrath; you save me with your strong hand. The Lord will do all this for my sake.

Your faithful love lasts forever, Lord! Don’t let go of what your hands have made.

Psalm 138:7-8

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God is powerful and loving. God’s power is what gives life, and God’s love is what saves you out of deep trouble. God helps you refresh and feel new again. God saves you when trouble comes. Why? Because God loves you. You have complete access to all of God’s powerful, loving nature for every single moment of your life.

Just imagine: The creator of the entire universe, the creator of everything that you see and do not see — you have access to all of that by prayer. Be humbled by this as well as empowered!

God will never let go of you. God loves you in such a deep and profound way that you cannot live your life carelessly. There is nothing you can do that will push God away from you. God’s love for you is much more powerful than you can imagine. It is not just a “feel good” type of love. It is the type of love that saves you when you are in trouble.

Call out to this God. God is waiting for you.

Iyabo Onipede

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God, help me to remember today how much you love me and how powerful you are to save me from deep trouble. Help me notice and remember your deep love for me. Help me love you in a way that is pleasing to you. Amen.

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God loves you deeply and passionately. God wants a wonderful and exciting relationship with you. God wants to communicate with you and listen to you. God wants you to hear what God is saying to you today.

Go into today, knowing that you are profoundly loved and that you have a close and intimate relationship with the Creator of the Universe because you prayed.

Iyabo Onipede

Iyabo Onipede practiced law for 20 years before she became a faith based Leadership Development Coach. She attended seminary at Candler School of Theology at Emory University. She is originally from Lagos, Nigeria but now considers Atlanta, Georgia home.

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