Ordinary Time


The greatest story ever told, the story of God’s Kingdom, has a place for all.

You are a part of that story.

Rest in the assurance that you are a part of the story of God’s loving and life-giving kingdom.


How awesome are your works, Lord! Your thoughts are so deep! Ignorant people don’t know— fools don’t understand this: though the wicked spring up like grass and all evildoers seem to blossom, they do so only to be destroyed forever. But you, Lord, are exalted forever!

Psalm 92:5-8


Justice is an important component of the story of God’s kingdom. As part of God’s kingdom, all God’s people are entitled to fair treatment. If our society becomes unjust for one group of people, it becomes impossible for any of us to fully experience the kingdom of God. God is just, and as children of God, we are expected to work for justice on behalf of those who suffer injustice.

The story of God’s kingdom is a story of truth and light. Where truth and light are present, justice is found. Where justice is found, love and unity reign. Where love and unity reign, God’s people can thrive. Where God’s people thrive, the kingdom of God is present. What can you do to work for justice so that God’s people can thrive?

James Blay


God of justice, where injustice lives give me the courage to fight for justice in your name. Help me no longer be silent in the midst of injustice. Give me the strength and wisdom to keep speaking up and working to build a just society for all your people. Amen.


Go, knowing God has empowered you to write your part in the greatest story ever told.

Go write a story of love; a story of justice; a story of mercy; a story of welcome; a story of peace.