Ordinary Time


God sure does have a different way of doing things.

Maybe God is trying to turn our upside-down world right-side-up.


Who can live in your tent, Lord? Who can dwell on your holy mountain? The person who lives free of blame, does what is right, and speaks the truth sincerely; who does no damage with their talk, does no harm to a friend, doesn’t insult a neighbor; someone who despises those who act wickedly, but who honors those who honor the Lord; someone who keeps their promise even when it hurts; someone who doesn’t lend money with interest, who won’t accept a bribe against any innocent person. Whoever does these things will never stumble.

Psalm 15


This is tough scripture: God demands that we live with integrity, do what is right, speak the truth, be helpful with our words, treat our friends well, be kind to our neighbors but despise the ways of the wicked, honor those who honor God, keep our promises, not charge interest, accept no bribes — WHEW! That is a LOT!

Although this scripture might have originally served as a ritual liturgy upon entry into the Temple, here it is before us today. Encountering God in worship will transform us and will require that we live in the transformational ways God demands.

And when we live transformed – changed in a positive way by God – we help create the kingdom of God. This Psalm is all about living in community. It’s a tall order, and we will not always live up to it. But grace abounds for us, and we pick each other up, and we try again.

Erin Spengeman Hutchison


God, thank you for calling me to be part of your kingdom and community. Thank you also for giving me grace when I fail. Help me to extend grace to myself and to others. Amen.


Today, join God in turning the world right-side-up, one decision at a time.