God, no matter what comes my way today, opportunities or challenges, you are with me.

Remind me that your grace is enough for me, especially when I’m feeling low.

Your grace sustains me.


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He called for the Twelve and sent them out in pairs. He gave them authority over unclean spirits. He instructed them to take nothing for the journey except a walking stick—no bread, no bags, and no money in their belts. He told them to wear sandals but not to put on two shirts.

Mark 6:7-9

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When I go on a trip, I take so many things. I want to be prepared for anything that might happen – to feel secure. If I don’t watch myself, I can pack way too much.

When Jesus called the disciples, he told them to bring only the most essential thing – a stick to support them as they go. It must’ve been hard to leave behind things that might have been important or useful. It must’ve been hard to leave behind what felt safe.

Though it may seem like a small thing, our desire to pack too much can show that we don’t want to rely on God. It’s initially about being prepared, but it can seep into other areas of our lives. We can overpack on our desire to feel smart or attractive or strong, you name it.

Jesus told the disciples to bring the bare minimum. We can try that too. When we do, we learn to rely more on God and on those around us. We remember that we have more than enough.

Daniel Potter

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God, when I try to bring too much on my journey, help me to relax and really think about what I need. You are always providing for me. Remind me that, thanks to your grace, I have more than enough. Amen.

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God’s strength is enough.

God’s peace is enough.

God’s love is enough.

God’s grace is enough.

You are enough.

Daniel Potter

Daniel Potter is the Minister of Youth at First Baptist Church of Columbus, GA. Daniel is a graduate of the University of North Carolina and of the Wake Forest University School of Divinity. In his free time, Daniel loves spending time with his wife, throwing a frisbee for his dog, cheering on the Tar Heels, and everything musical.

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