Ordinary Time


God, no matter what comes my way today, opportunities or challenges, you are with me.

Remind me that your grace is enough for me, especially when I’m feeling low.

Your grace sustains me.



The voice said to me: Human one, stand on your feet, and I’ll speak to you. As he spoke to me, a wind came to me and stood me on my feet, and I heard someone addressing me. He said to me: Human one, I’m sending you to the Israelites, a traitorous and rebellious people. They and their ancestors have been rebelling against me to this very day. I’m sending you to their hardheaded and hard-hearted descendants, and you will say to them: The Lord God proclaims. Whether they listen or whether they refuse, since they are a household of rebels, they will know that a prophet has been among them.

Ezekiel 2:1-5


Have you ever had to do something really difficult? What was that like? How did you make it through the hard situation?

Prophets had one of the hardest jobs in the Bible. They often were isolated and criticized for trying to share God’s messages with God’s people. Prophets could be really unpopular because they had the most difficult job of helping their peers change their ways. Yet, with God’s grace, they were able to share important messages.

God’s first word to Ezekiel is to “stand on your feet.” As Christians, we are also called to take a stand. Standing is the first part of action – it takes us from waiting and gets us moving. And, at times, standing can be a courageous act all by itself.

What is God calling you to stand for today? Hear God calling you to stand on your feet and rely on God’s grace to share that important message.

Daniel Potter


God, it can be really hard to take a stand for what is right. Your grace helps me speak your truth. Remind me today as I speak boldly that your grace is enough. Amen.



God’s strength is enough.

God’s peace is enough.

God’s love is enough.

God’s grace is enough.

You are enough.