Ordinary Time


God, no matter what comes my way today, opportunities or challenges, you are with me.

Remind me that your grace is enough for me, especially when I’m feeling low.

Your grace sustains me.



I raise my eyes to you— you who rule heaven. Just as the eyes of servants attend to their masters’ hand, just as the eyes of a female servant attends to her mistress’ hand— that’s how our eyes attend to the Lord our God until he has mercy on us.

Psalm 123:1-2


We serve an awesome God – one who is always working in this world through us. Change is hard. But it’s a little easier when we listen to how God is changing our hearts, knowing that God loves us. We are the way that God changes our world each and every day!

Breaking a bad habit, caring for a friend, or doing what is right can seem daunting for different reasons. These are just a few ways that we’re called to make change in this world. We are able to serve God when we remember that God’s grace can hold us in times of change.

The writer of Psalm 123 says, “I raise my eyes to you.” When we raise our eyes to God, when we look for God’s grace, we realize that we are more than enough to be the change God calls us to be.

Daniel Potter


God, I raise my eyes to you. I see your grace and love. Remind me that you are with me when I need to make changes today. Amen.



God’s strength is enough.

God’s peace is enough.

God’s love is enough.

God’s grace is enough.

You are enough.